I started crying today… while speaking to a friend who knows about my life and my kids but doesn’t REALLY know because, well, you know.. its not her life. I started to cry. I started to cry because she said to me, “Do you realize,          you have a case.”

I didn’t want a case. 

I didn’t want it to come to a case. 

I just want people to do the right thing. 

Why is it so hard for people to just do the right thing?

I am going to call the woman she asked me to call, not because “I have a case” but because the woman she wants me to call, she lives a life like mine. She will understand the terms when I say them. She will know what I mean by the words “I don’t want a case.” She will talk to me about her experiences at one of the schools that is being offered to my child. She will listen and understand. 

If and when all of that is over, and I want or need to do more, that contact can help me there as well. She has sued the district several times and won. She is a lawyer. She helps people all the time. She can help me. 

If I may have just been given the saving grace of God for my son, why do I feel so unbelievably afraid?