Proud of ME

For years people have told me my child’s success is because of me. I have never liked the sound of that. My child is the one who works so hard who is putting the pieces together more every day. Last night, I attended a special education parent meeting at our school. I was amazed, simply no other word will do, AMAZED at how many parents under their breath were saying things like, “What is that?” “Who does THAT?” “Wait, what?”  “Are you kidding me, they want me to take away my kids cell phone?” and my all time favorite, “my kid has a case manager?”

Well I supposed today is the day I give myself a little bit of credit. I am up in my children’s business. I know what apps they use. I watch while they use them. I know their teachers names. I know who is working with them and their needs on a daily basis. I communicate with their teachers and case managers. The district and all administrators know me by name when they see me. 

Today…. today I’m allowing myself to be PROUD OF ME!



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