No Words Needed

Sitting at soccer practice tonight watching my lil man interacting, playing, learning the game from his peers, his father, the coach and his sister who is helping out I can’t help but to be amazed at how far he has come. 

Then, I look over. One of the parents on our team has that look. I know that look. She doesn’t even have to tell me, I know, her child is having a meltdown. 

I look, I tell her I understand. Words are not necessary. When I can, I give her a hug. 

I am lucky that again, God has placed me in a position to possibly help yet one more family. If anyone can understand the challenges she is facing, it is us. Me, my ex-husband who is the coach, our daughter and even my son. 

May I keep being given this strength to help those on this path that we have traveled. Please let me be of service. 


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