I am so bewildered why society this day and age are so judgmental of one another. In my autism community I hear a lot of, “My kid is worse than your kid, so you don’t know.” “My kid did this but yours doesn’t so you can’t help me.” “I read one article that said XYZ so clearly, YOUR article is wrong.”

Statements like these are just so not helpful.

If I see something and I post it with a comment that says it is an interesting read, doesn’t it mean JUST THAT. This is interesting. Hmmm, maybe I need to look into that one particular place or topic a bit more to see if it works or does not for my child and/or situation. Doesn’t it simply say, I need to think about this to decide if I agree with it or not. Doesn’t it say, maybe you too will be interested in a piece of this and see if any of it helps develop your thoughts on the subject.

We do not have the time to ponder any more. This makes me sad.

Not everything has to be a declarative statement of right and wrong. Besides, have you never been wrong in  your life? Made a mistake? Trusted the wrong person, like… EVER? Of course we make mistakes, we are human. The great thing about being human is that we DO make mistakes. We learn from mistakes. We can gather more information and even change our minds about a specific topic. One can never stop learning, yearning, reaching for more information. No one knows everything. Shoot… even Stephen Hawking is still searching for answers for crying out loud.

Let us all just take a breath, ponder some of the words in front of us instead of rushing though skimming everything to come to a judgment immediately and let us see if we can all learn a little something about each other in the process that may help us ALL.

I’m JUST sayin!



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