Watching my children interact with each other yesterday made me realize how lucky they are to have each other. My brothers and I are several years apart in age and it makes a big difference in my world. Yesterday, one of my brothers came by to visit our parents, the kids and I happened to be there too. The struggle to make conversation was painful for me. No matter how hard I tried, it just would not come. It simply is not there.

Then and only then in good old “me” fashion… I start to dwell. Was it EVER there? Did we lose it? Why is this so hard? How do you NOT know that my kid had a birthday two days ago? What can I do to fix it? Is it worth fixing?Did I do something wrong?

Then I sigh… a long deep siiiiiggghhhhh… and realize… nope… its not me. I have not done anything wrong, nor has he. He is just a very different person than I am and that fact will remain true for the rest of our lives.

Change the things you can change… Accept the things you can’t…. wisdom comes in knowing the difference!


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