Watching my children interact with each other yesterday made me realize how lucky they are to have each other. My brothers and I are several years apart in age and it makes a big difference in my world. Yesterday, one of my brothers came by to visit our parents, the kids and I happened to be there too. The struggle to make conversation was painful for me. No matter how hard I tried, it just would not come. It simply is not there.

Then and only then in good old “me” fashion… I start to dwell. Was it EVER there? Did we lose it? Why is this so hard? How do you NOT know that my kid had a birthday two days ago? What can I do to fix it? Is it worth fixing?Did I do something wrong?

Then I sigh… a long deep siiiiiggghhhhh… and realize… nope… its not me. I have not done anything wrong, nor has he. He is just a very different person than I am and that fact will remain true for the rest of our lives.

Change the things you can change… Accept the things you can’t…. wisdom comes in knowing the difference!



easier said than done

Sometimes, you are just going to disappoint your kid(s). Sometimes they will hold on to the pain, angst, fear for a very long time. Sometimes,they will get over it quickly. One just never knows. However, giving in to a child’s every whim, every request,every demand is getting a bit old. I am starting to understand the term, “because I said so” more and more every day. Do we REALLY need to go into Newton’s laws of physics to explain to our child WHY he shouldn’t rock back in his/her chair. What about giving the reasons for why diving head first into the shallow end of a pool is a “bad choice!” 

Yet, we still go into way to many reasons, sometimes I think more for ourselves than for them. Sometimes we don’t plan birthday parties. Sometimes we DO just want 5 minutes alone. Sometimes, yes sometimes, our reasons are for our own sanity and the kid just doesn’t need to know! 

Yes, they may be angry. Yea, they may be disappointed. Yeppers, they may even be down right pissed off at you. But still I say…. We all give in to the guilt WAY more than we should these days. We all need to STOP! And that my friends, is way easier said than actually done. 




A While

It has been a while since I’ve written anything in my blog. It has not been intentional I’ve just been trying to admire all that I am seeing. Taking in the sites and sounds of my children over the summer. Seeing them. Truly SEEING THEM. Time is going bye too fast. I decided this time I would stop and just enjoy it. Summer is a time where we run at warped speed. Even faster than the school year. I needed it to slow down some. I needed to breathe.

Brooklyn is in an interesting phase of her life. Struggling between wanting to be a child and desiring the grown up aspects of life. She is learning who she is, who she wants to be. She is learning lessons about friends and friendship.

Steve is finding his voice. He is in a daily social arena with over 80 peers he had never met before and no aide for the first time in his life. He too is learning about peer interactions. He is learning how to use his words in a way I didn’t expect for another couple of years. He is articulating feelings and needs better than ever. I have presumed competence with him and he has stepped up to the challenge and just FLOWN in a way that fills me with such pride and joy.

So for now…. I am going to sit back. Take it all in, and breathe. Cherish the moments. Play the games. Push them to learn on their own terms in their own ways. Teach, guide, and appreciate. That is the motto of this summer.