Powerful words

someone said to me today, “If you are depressed you are spending to much time in the past. If you are anxious you are spending to much time looking into the future. Calm is found in the here. The now.” 

Well, I supposed I know know why when he told me to picture myself laying on a beach somewhere my mind left my body into the 4,000 reasons why that would never be possible. 

Breathe. Dream. Calm. 

Those are not the same as being numb. 

All, very powerful words indeed. 




I used to like Summer. Laying out in my pool listening to music. Reading books about love affairs in the sand. Sitting under the trees on the edge of the bay drinking Sangria writing on my laptop breathing in the cool Pacific Ocean breeze. 

Then I had Kids. 

Then I had school aged kids. 

School aged kids and summer are a whole other ball game. How much homework is too much, “awwwww, common Mom, it’s summer!” How much homework is too little, “Your child really needs to keep up the hard work over summer or they will lose all the progress they’ve made.” 

This one goes to this camp. That one goes to that camp. The boy has swimming on Tuesday, the girl on Wednesday. The boy needs sack lunch and fieldtrip shirts on Wednesday, the girl needs hers on Thursday, unless when she is running around Magic Mountain with her friends she just stops and eats because she is in the big kid camp now and has free reign. Which also means she needs more money. One of her fieldtrip sis to the mall for shopping. 

This one wants play dates here, there, and overthere, this one smacks you if you call it a play date, she “hangs out!” 

Swim lessons twice a week on the other side of town all while you try not to beat your head against your desk during the ONE slow month at work. You know the one month that you can actually collect your thoughts, process plans and get prepared for the next season. Only problem, you are so exhausted you can’t do shit! 

Yeah, I bought two “affairs in the sand” books to read for summer…. Who was I kidding!!!