Its all been heading toward THIS…..

You know I follow a lot of mommy blogs. Many of them, are mom’s of special needs children. Some of which have kids like mine, some do not. All are special in many ways. I have learned some of the most AMAZING things from these women. One of the things that has meant the most to me is the idea, term, belief, concept of PRESUMED COMPETENCE especially amongst autistic children.One Mom’s blog ( quoted the following in a recent post:

Douglas Bilken describes presuming competence as a framework that says “…approach each child as wanting to be fully included, wanting acceptance and appreciation, wanting to learn, wanting to be heard, wanting to contribute.  Assume that a child has intellectual ability, provide opportunities to be exposed to learning, assume the child wants to learn and assert him or herself in the world.” 

Today… I am presuming competence. Apparently I’ve been doing this more than I ever knew. Today I am presuming that Steve will be willing, able, heard and wanting to contribute not to mention participate with his peers in his after school daycare program. Steve no longer has an aide in this environment. Steve I believe is more than competent at handling himself and his emotions, his impulses, and his behaviors. THIS … this is what we’ve been waiting for… THIS is what all the hard work for the past several years has been about. THIS … THIS moment is HERE…. Its all been leading up to this.

I am presuming competence. He will be just fine.



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