The 5th grade dance

Those who follow our adventure know Brooklyn is in the Fifth grade which means a lot of “promotion” activities. 

Many of you who follow our adventure also know I got suckered into helping out with this parent sponsored dance party. 

You also know if you follow along, it’s been a nightmare thanks to a few douchebag parents. 

Well, last night was the dance and here is what I shall now say publicly… It was worth every moment of aggravation, stress, pain. When the entire class did the “cha-cha slide!” When the kids let out screams to their favorite songs, the way they devoured the pizza when it arrived. The smiles all night on their faces was simply priceless. The photo booth was awesome. And our DJ…. Wow! For being a 13 year old kid, he was amazing. I will be hiring him for any and every party I have from now on!!!

King douchebag, wasn’t in love with some song choices (oh yes, did you think King Douchebag wasn’t going to demand to be a pole in the middle of the room and scare the children with his glares and disapproving body language – not to mention his offensive to the senses costume— I mean—clothing choice?!?!?) however, the funniest part to this inappropriate parent here (yeah, that’s me!)  was his disapproval was met by EVERY kid singing every lyric of the disapproved of song. A song mind you, that is played on the radio and did not have one swear word in it! I loved it! 

So, my take away was this…. You gotta stand up to the bullies of the world. You can not let their rediculousness ruin it for the masses. 

Oh… And one more thing…. Dear LORD parents of the world, know the names of the people you want you child to go home with at the end of the event. Seriously, “My 11 yr old daughter is going home with the guy outside ” doesn’t really work, for ANYONE…….EVER. 


Photo is of the beautiful Brooklyn all made up for the dance, for real makeup, a new dress and jacket her father bought her that morning, and what you can’t see are the matching all white converse that everything was based around.



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