Ask for what you want. 

I hear these words all the time from my teacher friends, from other parents navigating the IEP landscape. If you don’t ask, they will never give it. 

How do you ask for something you know nothing about? For example, how do you know you can ask that your child be allowed to write an email home every day as part of his daily communication log with the school. 

How do you ask for something when your voice has been silenced by so many for so long?

So here is my latest takeaway from my reading and research:

I ask that every parent stop every once in a while and THINK about what is the best interest for your child. Some think they think, but they really don’t. Think about it from your child’s perspective. Not your own ego filled “I’m going to win” space. 

I ask that we all realize just because that’s the way it has always been done,  that that doesn’t mean it can’t be done differently the next time. 

I ask that children be spoken to, not just AT, especially with regards to feeling, expressing those feelings, and their experiences. 

I ask the universe to help each and every one of us to be KIND to one another. I do not know where kindness and compassion have gone, but I do ask that they hurry back. 

I ask the God continue to guide me in making a bright future for my kids. 

I ask that you realize, as I suddenly did today, that the sky is the limit, so why not ask? 

Sadly, none of this is limited to IEP’s….. It’s life, ask. 


 Image is of the sky. The sky and it’s never ending possibilities await.  


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