Out on a Limb

I can’t sleep. I simply have too much weighing on my mind. Potential disasters that could be of epic proportions. Or, everything could be just fine. The not knowing, it is the thing that is killing me. 

Steve’s aide, the aide we have had for over 2 years, the aide who has seen the underside of the belly of the beast,  is leaving. 



I can’t breathe. 

I called the blog “Adventures” because clearly that is what life is… An adventure. I am not adventurous by nature. In fact, I pretty much HATE adventures. Going out on a limb. One footstep at a time. Holding your breath every inch of the way before either the branch breaks or you have to jump. When it’s over, there is this giant sigh of relief. Yeah, I hate that crap. I really really really hate that crap! 

But that’s where we are right now. Out on a limb. 

Will he get another aide? 

Will the new aide work out? The new SuperNanny isn’t my favorite piece of the puzzle. 

Will there be regression with Steve? 

Will extinguished behaviors come flooding back?

Ohhhh Steve will test a new aide, no doubt. But to what extent. Please dear Lord do not let him go back to throwing kicking screaming fits on the floor. Please, I am begging you. 

But as I said in the “time to push” post, is it time to push him? Test HIM, to be without an aide for a while and see if he can fly? He could just amaze the world. 

I am out on a limb trying to breath, but all I can do is hang on for dear life. It’s really hard to sleep when you are hanging on to something so tightly. 


 Image is of a frozen chameleon hanging onto a tree branch for what seems as.. dear life…. I think I look just like him. I change my colors to adapt to every situation, I can see things from every direction, I freeze in fear, and I have thorns upon my back. Yep, he’s clearly my long lost relative.  

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