The Open Book Test

Steve had two tests in the same week in his mainstream class. This needs to be made very clear, this is not his Special Ed class with trained teachers to handle children and their issues. This is the 32-1 Gen Pop we’re talking about here. 

Steve had a LOT of information to ingest in one week.

Steve is not a crammer.

The first subject Science, Steve was rockin. Steve was able to explain to me how his favorite TV character The Flash was also a scientist and how that shape-shifting meta human was transforming himself (matter) from a solid to a liquid than back to a solid and that it was an exothermic process. I have mentioned he is in THIRD grade right??? He continued to explain to me that if he had stayed liquid like how that other meta human stayed gasious that he would eventually evaporate. – ummm OK. Way to apply your school work to your hobbies, I guess… :-/ – If only Mommy could understand the show this well.

The second subject did not hold NEARLY the same level of interest to my Steve.  I mean common… would something that looked like THIS hold yours???

pomo hut

Steve however, does his best. He works through the chapter, repeating,  repeating, repeating vocabulary word after vocabulary word. He was really trying hard.

Monday evening… after the test day….

“How’d you do buddy?”

“I dunno, I think I did okay.”

“Did you try your best?”

“Yeah, but I think my best is just ok.”

“Well, I suppose we will have to see when the test comes back but all I ever want for you is for you to actually TRY and try as hard as you can.”

So then we waited. And waited.

Thursday night the tests came home.

Science – note written on the top by the teacher… GREAT JOB!!! with a smile sticker attached. Yep, he rocked that one. Best test score of the year.

Then Social Science…..

Steve got 4/12…. this time the teacher writes atop the test – This was an open book test. (yes, I did wanna scream the B word after reading that – you know you woulda wanted to too…)

When asked, did you know this was an open book test? Did you open the book?? The kid replies, “Yeah, I know, but I wanted to challenge myself and not use the book.”

Sorry teach… but my #kiddowins

**editors note** After that, I said nothing. Clearly, my child is BRILLIANT…. but that night during our “talk of the day” I asked.. “Hey lil man, while I’m super proud of you for wanting to challenge yourself on this test, why when you were done challenging yourself and you had all the answers down didn’t you open the book to see if you were right?” – with the cutest blue eyes ever he looked up at me paused a moment than put his hand over his eyes started shaking his head and said….. “Oh MAN…. I totally shoulda done that!”





open test


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