Co-Parenting Sucks

At first I wanted to write about a few different topics this morning but honestly, I can’t get past this one. I need to get it out, off my chest. Co-parenting SUCKS.

1) Co-Parenting sucks because if you and your ex could see eye to eye on how to parent in the first place you probably wouldn’t be exes. Just saying.

2) Co-Parenting sucks because there is ALWAYS one person doing more than the other. The one doing the lesser amount almost always believes they are either

a) doing just as much as the other person

b) doing more than the other person

c) doing the absolute “best they can” (and therefore that should be enough)

3) Co-Parenting sucks because there is no way to actually HIDE from the child(ren) your disdain for the other person and their “way” of doing things especially when their way of doing things is diametrically opposed to your every belief within every fiber of your being. There is no possible way to take the “high road” here.

4) Everyone I know that is trying to “co-parent” is going through this exact same thing except over several different topics which tells me Co-Parenting sucks no matter what the topic is at hand at this moment on this day.

So I will say this… as hard as it is to be a single full time working parent … those of you who are doing it ALONE alone…. I am so jealous of you – cuz man you get to do it your way and your way is the one and only way and right or wrong you get to move in a steadfast direction, one direction until you get where your going. If you make a mistake, no problem, you get to take an offramp and switch roads.

Those of us who have to co-parent…. well… we’re stuck in the same car as these a$$holes until our kids are old enough to drive themselves. Lets just pray those kids tell us all to EFF OFF and go in their own direction.

Please learn from my mistakes, as I said when I started this thing, all the pain and struggle I go through MUST be for a reason so please if you take nothing else away from this take this:

Lesson to be learned by any of you out there reading this who has NOT chosen the sperm (or egg) donor for your future child(ren) yet…. CHOOSE CAREFULLY. That is my only sage advise today.


image is of two people diametrically opposed to one another.

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