Space To Grow

Today was a rough day for Brooklyn. I was asked by her not to tell anyone what happened, so I won’t.  I cannot and will not break that bond of trust. 

What I can say is this, as they grow up, you must give them space to grow. 

Now having said that, I can say this: Holy Crap, that is hard! 

I can’t fix it. 

I can’t change it.

I can’t even really comfort it. 

I can try. I did try. I tried as best I could. It just has to be. I have to sit back, wait,  and be there when she needs me. It is hard!

She did allow me to say to her, and I think she heard me…. “You will be ok.”

And to think…. She’s only 11. I have a lifetime yet to go. To watch her challenge herself, to succeed and to fail. To have her heart broken and to break some hearts. To have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. To choose wisely and to make some mistakes. This is going to be hard, I got a glimpse of that today. 

But you know what, that tough cookie of mine…. She is going to be ok! 


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