My son receives ABA therapy. He has a case manager. When we started with this program, I felt every day like SuperNanny Jo Frost herself was in my house. While watching her on the television you can see very clearly what needs to be done in those homes. However, when they are in YOUR home, sometimes it is a rather large pill to swallow.

Tonight, I met with our current “SuperNanny,” and he says at one point to me….. “Your’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself. “

Ummm…… I thought for a moment…. then replied…  “Right, who ELSE is here to make him comply?”

Then I offered this…. “How can I NOT put pressure on myself? If I check out as a parent, what good is that for either of them? I have to know where he is and what he’s doing at every step of the process. I have to know how much time he’s spent on his earned screen time. I have to know what food he’s ingested and hasn’t. I have to know if he’s beating the crap out of his sister. I have to know if its 1030pm and he hasn’t fallen asleep yet. I  have to know…. and having to know all that…. dearest SuperNanny… is called BEING A PARENT. 

What I didn’t say out loud is… maybe you’ll know that one day when you are not 28, have been in your job for 20 years, and possibly have a couple kids of your own. MAYBE!

#FrustratingProcessSometimes #DamnedIfYouDo #DamnedIfYouDont


image is of a very non approving Supernanny waving her finger at bad parenting


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