For Real?

So a friend of mine and I were talking today about motherhood. While she is very organized, very tidy (her word not mine) and knows all the happenings surround school and what not, I am not. I am however a very straight forward, tell it like it is, logical, good cooking messy mama who protects, educates,and advocates like you’ve never seen. But man my house has been “lived in!”

It makes me ask the question, is it possible to be both?

No, I mean REALLY possible. 

I mean do those people really exist?

Cuz as I see it right now, I’m blamed for EVERYTHING I do wrong. If not by the eyes that seem to be jusging be endlessly, then by myself with a very long whip in my hand to be sure to each every square inch of my back evenly. 

I mean I think I do okay. But then others demand THEY take my daughter to get a hair cut and send her home with a new brush and new lessons on the latest hair curls called beach waves. 

Ok well I could have taken her to get her hair cut. It was on “the list” of things to do. But then a brush. Really? I don’t even buy her the right brush? Or my favorite line… “Why didn’t you tell me about that event that you just found out about 10minutes ago!”

So I ask again, are there really women out there who do it ALL? They just kinda know how to pull off this “mom” business just right. 

Man, if you are one of those people, hats OFF to Ya cuz I think I will just snap if I even pretend to try! 

Guess I’m just stuck being me. 



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