Life on The Hampster Wheel

I used to feel guilty about spending a large partion of my free 48 hours on my couch watching television. I would say, “There is so much to do. I could work that scrapbook I lost track of on Brooklyn’s 10th week old birthday.” Yesh, ooook. Umm lady…. Yeah um Brooklyn, she’s ELEVEN now.  That train left a long time ago. 

I could maybe start one for Steve. But then I would need to go through and organize all the pictures. Then I would have to find the pictures to organize them. Then I would have to remember where that hard drive was that stores most of the pictures because Steve’s pictures are for sure not printed out. 

Then once I find that hard drive I would have to plug it in and figure out how to make it work on the new Mac since all those pictures were saved on a PC. Then I would have to print the pictures. But before I can print the pictures I would have to go buy photo paper and ink. Man, that shit is expensive! In order to go buy paper and ink I would have to take a shower and get dressed. 

In order to get dressed I would have to do the laundry. Do I HAVE laundry soap?

NOPE, I think I will just keep sitting here, watching the shows I want to watch. In the peace and quiet that is my home without the fighting sinlings known as BS. Shows that have swear words and sex scenes. Concepts deeper than will Riley be allowed to go in her first date. 

Shows that make you laugh, and cry, and sometimes think.  Wait, whaaaatttt? Is that a free HBO weekend? Yeah. Sorry ’bout it! I’m never moving!

48 hours goes by so fast anyway. All that other stuff, it can wait! 



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