The Score

Steve always has a soundtrack playing in his brain. It never stops. It usually has something to do with his latest perseveration, but not always. It is usually “the score.” The underlying music behind a scene in a TV show, or movie. Something’s is that faint stuff you hear in the background of video games.  Not the sounds everyone picks up like the “wonka wonka wonka” sound of Pac-Man. It’s usually more subtle, but it’s always there. 

When sitting in class while the teacher is talking, it’s there. 

When doing his homework, it’s there. 

When eating breakfast, it’s there. 

When lying down to go to sleep, it’s REALLY there, quite loudly too. 

It’s there. 

You can ask him about it. He likes talking about it. “Steve, what’s that music?” He will reply, “oh, that’s just the music when Batman flies his plane up to make the bat signal in The Lego Movie.” – oh is that all? 

Steve has agreed to share this video with you all. Maybe someday, he will be the next Danny Elfman. That sure would make his mama happy!!!

With my fond pleasure, (and now you will see why I never get to listen to the radio in the car) I bring you…. Steve


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