I just do not know how they do it. How do all these people afford to put their kids in all these different things. Brooklyn has been flipping upside down since she could walk. I finally realized that I needed to put her into gymnastics. OH MY GOD… have you all seen the cost for gymnastics? Brookly patiently waited for over 3 years. She’s now considered OLD in the gym at 11. She just started. Level 1 Recreational Gymnastics. 

Tonight the nice lady sitting next to me whose child we watch flip and flop all over every week while we are there tells me the level they are in is called “Bronze.” She tells me she lives in a town about 15 miles away, which in Los Angeles means 2 hours (give or take). They come in 3 times a week for 3 hours a session. 9 hours a week. That is a car payment amount of money every month. That is not even the highest level. Thats not even CLOSE to the pre-olympic level that is taught at this gym. 

“If your daughter is serious about getting in, she has to do it NOW. You need to put her in as many sessions a week you can get her in, so they know she is serious. Plus she will advance faster” she tells me. “She will move up pretty quickly. See that girl there, she started in level one about a year ago. She’s 13. It can be done. I remember her Mom telling me she did 4 classes a week.” 

In my head all I see are dollar signs. Rolling over and over and over. I know my daughter has a passion for this like I have never seen in her before. But CRAP… I can’t afford that. 

How do these people do it. I just do not know. I make a good salary… A great salary. One I never expected to make in my lifetime, let alone at 45. However, I am now faced with having to tell my kid I can’t afford it. 

Do I tell her? Should I just let her keep working hard at least for now. She starts middle school soon, should I wait and see if something else grabs her fancy? She had moved around to a lot of different things up until now.

This parenting thing… it is HARD. 


Picture of a girl doing an amazing stunt on the beam- always wishing it was my kid.



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