I wonder.. I wonder all the time about the words I use here. Are there too many? Are there enough? In trying to educate, inform and advocate do I bore people with the details? 

I often wish I had thought of doing this blog a couple years ago when we were really struggling. I feel like I would have more to say. Now, the autism is there, I mean common, of course it is there, it never goes away. However, I have grown so much. I have learned so much. I have a huge bag of tricks to deal with so many situations. 

Then I stop and realize…. you are doing this for you. I do not have to educate every person every day. I need a way to get out my fear, frustration, challenges, and joys. I need to share, its part of who I am. Much of my life I have been told, that is “private’ do not share that. Well now I am in charge and if I want to tell the world about the struggles and joys of my life… SO BE IT!

Yeah… and sometimes…. its going to be very wordy… #SorryBoutIt


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