Mommy Doesn’t Play Well

For years, six to be specific people have said to me, “Why are YOU not doing this?” What is “this?” Well, I will tell you, “this” is school sponsored events. You know, PTA, fundraisers, variety shows, family picnics and the like. 

You see I am an educated woman with a great job that requires a lot of responsibility, organization, communication and thought. 

You see, this is exactly the reason I can not “do” this school stuff. 

In a nutshell, Mommy doesn’t play well with others. 

I have always said, “On the day of the event, if my sons needs are met, I’m not exhausted, and I can pitch in a hand, I am happy to do so.” I am a write a check to support YOUR efforts kinda gal! 

Somehow though, and I am still kind of unclear how this happened, I am now on the planning committee for Brooklyn’s 5th grade “parent sponsored” dance.  Say what now?

Last night we had our first “meeting” and thank the stars above that one of my best friends was there to guide me through it. (Thank you friend who saves me daily who needs to come up with a name for this blog!) 

I could tell going in, I was probably going to end up chewing someone up and spitting them up for dessert just based on when and where this “meeting” was going to take place.  But WOW, did I underestimate the level in which I do not play well with others. 

After 40 minutes or so of “discussions” (a term I use loosely) about wether $10 is too much to ask from each student in order to have money to put ON this “parent sponsored” shin-dig I almost screamed….”OH MY GOD here is a check I will just pay for the whole DAMNED thing.” (Have I mentioned its a “parent sponsored” event?)

Bottom line here people, 1) there is no level to which I will not apparently support my children. 2) I was right all along, I need to stay the hell away from crap like this 3) party planning really is a skill I have and you’d be well served to just listen. I’m just sayin. 

That is all. 



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