Why A Blog

People keep telling me, ” you have so much information,” “you can help so many people,” “you are so funny.” I started to think maybe, just maybe, all this “intercoursed up” crap  (that’s me trying to be funny and not use the F word) I’ve gone through in the past is for a reason. We have all heard the saying, God only hands you what you can handle. Maybe, just maybe ALL this “stuff” was for me to handle, so that it could be easier for others. Maybe, I am the one who can handle it and through humor, I can make it more “tolerable” for others. So here I am. Starting a blog. 

What is my first thought?  If you could go back, what would you tell your younger self? 

I would tell her, YOU ARE AWESOME, DUH! 

I would tell her, you are an incredible judge of character. Trust your gut. That guy you think is an ass-hat really IS just an ass-hat, RUN. That “friend” who says get dressed, we’ll go out but you thought “hmmm, I wonder how she’s going to do both things, yeah, she’s not going to show up. Go to the movies instead. 

I would tell her, you are worthy. You are worthy of the time, energy, and effort it takes to take care of your body. It is NOT selfish to do so. It’s necessary. It’s gotta be done, so you may as well do it now, while you are young. Not when you are old and tired. 

I would tell her, you are funny. And that is an AMAZING THING! Don’t let anyone take your joy. Dance if you want to dance, sing if you want to sing. Be free. 

Now the question is, will “SHE” listen. 

I hope so. Maybe I should too! 



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