Time Changes Suck


I’m with John Oliver. How is this still a “thing?” Daylight Savings Time, is torture for parents of a kid with autism. While I am still investigating the whole “theory of mind” thing, here is what I KNOW to be true. Steve, he does not understand why I keep trying to wake him up in the middle of the night. It is understandable, as he hides under his covers every morning. He points to the window. He uses no words as is often the case with him when he is to tired or can’t find the words, or is overwhelmed or for a myriad of other reasons. He simply uses no words. He points. Even now, he points. He points to the window to tell me (yes, I speak Steve) but it is still dark outside

I simply say, “I know it is still dark outside.” He shakes his head in agreement while it still lays solidly on his pillow. “I know you think it is night-time.” Again, he shakes his head in agreement. “I promise you it is not. I promise you it is the same time as it is EVERY morning when I say, its wake up munchkin time.” He buries himself deeper under his covers. I know better than to rip the covers off. I know better than to yank him outta bed. I know better. So I leave the room. 

I return to the room with the one thing that for some reason works with Steve, every single time, my  iPhone. I get down on his bed. I sit next to him. In the calmest voice I have I say, “Steve, may I please show you something? I have my phone.” I see a head peek out from under the covers. “Look Steve, it tells us what time it is. See, it says 6:50 am. I’m telling you the truth, its morning. Its time to get ready for school.” I then tap the weather app. “Lets see what the weather is going to be today.” I say as cheerfully as I can. He sits up, rubbing his eyes. “Look, what does it say?” “Its 63 and partly cloudy,” he replies in a very sleepy groggy voice. Yes. 

I get up off the bed, hold my hand out. “Common Steve, lets get dressed.” He grabs my hand, gets up and heads to the bathroom. I breath a deep breath of relief. But I know. That’s only one step – there are at least 8 to go. Getting him out of the bathroom. Getting him ACTUALLY dressed. Getting him to the dinning room. Getting him to eat. Getting him to brush his teeth. Getting him to pick snacks for the snack bag. Getting him to gather his homework. Getting him out the door. 

Then I hear it. I hear a sparkle in Steve’s voice, “Mom, there’s a field trip today, common, we’ve gotta hurry!” 

O-K! We are on our way!!!

Just like that, all is right with the world again.


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