The REALLY big Pencil

“Mom, I think you’d better hold this for me. I’m having troubles keeping it still and I don’t want to lose my download.”

These are the words said to me by Steve at 8pm after a long day at Knott’s Berry Farm. 

These were the words said to me by Steve in the fudge shop where there were beyond plenty of things for him to break in one swiftly made gesture. 

These were the words said to me by Steve about his 4.5 foot tall inflatable pencil he waited so incredibly patiently for me to blow up. He earned this pencil not only by sheer physical strength at an arcade game, but also by using incredibly good behaviors and listening skill throughout the day, with NO medication. 

To hand this “really big pencil” over to me, on his own, without warnings, countdowns or raised voices is simply…. Amazing. 

Steve, needless to say, earned his download of “plants vs zombies” on his tablet. Which was, what he had been working for, this whole week. He did it! And did it well!!!!

Go Steve Go! 

{Image one: Steve and his REALLY BIG PENCIL taken this morning well cuz…. I just didn’t take one last night. Image Two: Steve happily playing Plants Vs Zombies while waiting for his sister to get ready to go in the dark… as you do.}

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