It is just a TOOTH

A rough outline of the conversation with Brooklyn tonight. 


My dear dear Brooklyn. Your tears tonight are killing me. Why are you crying in sheer terror just because I want to check your loose tooth? Every time I come toward your mouth you let out a cry for the ages. It’s just a tooth for crying out loud! 


It took me a while to get the fact that you were not crying over the several loose teeth in your mouth. You were crying over what the soon to be missing teeth would symbolize. You were crying in anguish of what’s about to come…. The pre-teen “ugly” years. 


The fear of that missing tooth might mean the cute boy might not like you anymore. The fear that you will be made fun of because you have a hole where a tooth once lived. The fear that everything is about to change. Everything. 


You have NO IDEA how beautiful you are. That your beauty resides not on your skin, in your clothes or the style of your hair. YOUR beauty, Brooklyn, resides inside your heart. Your beauty resides in your compassion, your kindness, your work ethic, your infectious joy, your singing, and your friendship. Your beauty is so much more than what is happening in your mouth. 


Yesterday, you asked me, “What does overcoming obstacles mean?” This baby girl, this, is an obstacle you will have to overcome. I will tell you this though…. No one will do it with nearly as much thoughtfulness as you.  


I am sorry I never made sure your questions and concerns were heard before your Dad and I just moved ahead with plans for your teeth. I will try to do better next time. I do feel the decisions are the best for you and they were made with love and concern. 


Here is the other thing I’ll tell Ya, if this boy stops liking you because your baby tooth came out and there isn’t one there to replace it right now, then he isn’t worth your time. But from what I’ve seen, I don’t think an earthquake can rattle this boys attention away from you. 


It’s time for bed now sweet darling. Are you feeling better? Yes, Mama thank you. You are welcome my love. You are welcome. 


Image is of Brooklyn this morning wearing her favorite shirt when she was in a much happier mood and we were NOT discussing missing teeth and jacked up smiles. 


One thought on “It is just a TOOTH

  1. azurée says:

    What a lovely piece. She’s lucky to have a mama who gets her, who has that emotional insight.. And that’s a great pic of Brooklyn. 🙂


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