Gold Stars for Mom


Today was big! 


Brooklyn ate today! I KNOW! I told you it was big. 


Hanging out in all my autism communities all these years I would have thought eating issues would have been with Steve. Not saying there are not some issues with Steve’s eating, just saying Brooklyn’s are worse. 


But today, today Mommy gets not one but 5 gold stars!


I got Brooklyn to eat over 30g of protein today. Probably over 50 if I really sat and calculated it all. Not only did she eat, but her entire day was filled with good healthy food. I am pretty sure she came close to her calorie goal as well. 


Breakfast was Ezekiel Bread with almond butter, raspberries and a cup of Kelfir. 


Lunch was a turkey and cheese sandwich (with lettuce to boot), a Greek yogurt, some raspberries, and a snack bag of chips with a juice box. Snack was some shredded mini wheats. 


Dinner was Parmesan crusted Tilapia, brussel sprouts and brown rice. 


I simply couldn’t be more thrilled with how today turned out! 


Still working on getting in the fruits and vegis but this was a great start!!!!



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