Change is Huge

Steve let us take the time to change his room today. 


Brooklyn and I were told we could only move certain things. We were told that HE would be here and if he didn’t like it, it would have to go back. 


Brooklyn and I TOTALLY understood. We followed his lead, guiding and helping the process stay focused. Asking basic questions along the way…. Are you “done” with that now? He would stop. Think. Decide. Yes? It went into the trash (or give away bin). No? It had to find a home.  While yes, this process took a while to move the 2 pieces of furniture around…. His room is changed. 


Change is NOT an easy thing for kids like Steve. For the record, I am incredibly happy for Steve. 


Oh yeah… He hasn’t left his “new” room yet and nothing has been made to go back. 




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