Brooklyn got him dressed

Nothing is small. Nothing is meaningless. This morning I woke up in a foul mood. Just foul. I did my usual parade to the kids rooms to wake the “munchkins” up. While forcing myself to some water therapy to cheer up I look back and see Steve… walk into my bathroom. 

Steve is dressed. 

Steve is FULLY dressed. 

Shirt. shorts. socks. shoes. Even new, clean underware. 

Steve is dressed. It was 6:45am.

While holding onto the wall in the shower so I don’t fall over since I had yet to even apply the shampoo to my head, I say… “WOW… you got dressed fast.”

He replied… “Yep, Brooklyn said lets race and see who could get back to your bed fully dressed first! I totally won!”

Yes my love, you won! We ALL won. Thank you Brooklyn! You were my life preserver today. 




steve fully dressed


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