A Light Dinner

Navigating the “Special Ed” game for the past 6+ years takes a special kind of person alright. For instance today, I get this email today from the Special Education Local Plan Area letting me know there is a new and very exciting event coming up. If you’ve been in this world a while you have learned… WOW… this must be a big one because HOLY CRAP, they are serving DINNER! Oh wait…. that says a “light dinner” – hmmmm….. shoulda known. 

The topic for this incredible meeting, that comes with FOOD (actual FOOD), is…. and let me quote……. 

there will be exhibitors providing information about different transition options for our students.  There will be a panel discussion and questions will be answered afterward.

Wait… WHAT????

Umm… perhaps you’d like to be a little more specific? I mean SERIOUSLY…. we deal with HUNDREDS of transitions a day, is there some other kinda hint you’d like to give. Not to mention, why the hell would I need an exhibitor for all that. 

Transition from pre-school to kindergarten? Transition from one school when your kid gets kicked out to another? Transition from preferred activity like playstation to actually getting ANY homework done? Transition from elementary to middle school?   Ohhhh wait…. I shoulda known…. DUH ON ME….. good ole SELPA being vague as possible so they have to feed less people that “incredible light meal.” Now, THAT is making sense. 

The transition they are talking about by the way, the transition from high school/district services to the outside world. If you are interested in that let me know and I know where you can find a nice “light dinner.”


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